The Charlie Question is an original piece by Jonathan Hendry based on the Charlie Hebdo shooting and exploring such themes as freedom of speech and the way we are now used to reacting to such terrorist attacks.

The play is semi-verbatim, mixing interviews (expressing different opinions) taken word-for-word with fictitious scenes giving a different perspective on the event. The interviews were carried out on the UEA campus and in Paris with students, teachers, a bookseller, a newsagent... 

We strive to create an engaging show that will make audiences think and especially talk about the topics explored. As a society, we believe it is our responsibility to keep the conversation and debate about free speech going, and we hope this play will contribute to this. To achieve this we will use many visual elements, mirroring the importance of images in the context of the attack. Live drawing will be included in the performance, whilst images and archives will be projected behind the actors.

We will be taking the show to the Festival Off d'Avignon in July and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August. Please consider supporting us by giving through our Indiegogo page!

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