25th-26th November

The Garage - 8:00PM


Feeding Time - Le Repas des Fauves
by Vahé Katcha
Translated from Julien Sibre's adaptation by Matthew Hurt and Sarah Vermande

1942, Occupied France. In a parisian suburb, seven friends gather to celebrate their hostess' birthday. Conversation is light and good humoured, the food exquisite, company excellent - until two german officers are shot dead in front of their apartment. A Gestapo officer, Kaubach walks in, asking for two hostages per apartment. Kaubach knows the hosts, and being told it's the hostess's birthday, gives them until the end of their dinner to choose who will be leaving with him. The friendly supper ends and the feeding time begins. Seven friends turn into seven enemies, with seven different alibis, reasons not to die - the war is now fought with words and glances, as opposed to guns and ships.

Feeding Time (LE REPAS DES FAUVES) is a French period-specific play that examines timeless themes - the way war destroys life and love on the home front as well as on the battlefield, and how quickly pleasantries can be cast aside in traumatic events. It does this through a mix of tension and dark humor, exploring the darkest aspects of human nature.

CAST (In Order Of Appearance): 

Sophie Pélissier: Amie Maria Marie
Victor Pélissier: Harrison Cole
The Doctor, Jean-Paul Pagnon: Alec Mann

                               / Fergus O'Loan (revival)
Vincent: Jonny Walczak
Pierre: Michael Evans
Françoise: Charlotte McEvoy
André Lequedec: Calhan Mundy
Commandant Kaubach: James Parrett-Jung

Directed by Jonathan Hendry & Sean Harbottle.

Stage managed by Ella Thompson

Production managed by Francesca Godding

Costumes by Eleanor Morton-Smith

Sound and lighting by Theo Smith

Review by Toby Skelton for Livewire 1350:



'Feeding Time'

by Vahé Katcha

© 2017 by Je Ne Sais Quoi Theatre

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