Of 100 million children currently living on the streets worldwide, 40 million are in Latin America.


Betún tells the story of one of these children, exploring the loneliness and dangers endured by those who have no choice but to live outside. Without words and presented merely through music, masks and movement, Teatro Strappato present a deeply poignant show that is perhaps more relevant today than ever, a brutal yet beautifully poetic piece that speaks to human consciousness and will most certainly not leave you indifferent.


Teatro Strappato is an international, Berlin-based company that has performed across Europe and South America. Betún, which was created from interviews carried out in Latin America with children living and working in the streets, was first shown as part of the Festival Off d'Avignon in 2016. It has been performed at numerous other venues and festivals and has gone on to win the title of 'Best Play' at the Molina de Segura International Theatre Festival.


This will be the first time Betún is performed in the UK.

Betún - Teatro Strappato

Performance organised and funded by Je Ne Sais Quoi Theatre

© 2017 by Je Ne Sais Quoi Theatre

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